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SOYBEANS are still good for the soul. [15 Apr 2006|02:29am]
[ mood | happy ]

Hello again. :)

Haha, I definitely forgot I made this layout. But yeah. Hopefully I'll have enough inspiration by the end of AP testing (mid-May) to make a batch of icons. I wish I had thought of icon making at the beginning of spring break instead of at the end, but alas... woe is me.

Anyway, I'll see you all again soon!


Hello loyal viewers. :) [11 Feb 2006|07:10pm]
[ mood | working ]

My "triumphant" return to LJ. Yayy!

Haha, I promise as soon as I finish fixing this stupid layout (that I messed up), I shall work on icons. Be right back, guys. -__-;;


I am sooooo uninspired.


+25 [21 Feb 2005|07:34pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

All pretty crappy, but hey! They're icons. Basically an accumulation of sorts over the months (or years). Sorry for the lack of updates. Hah. I just suck.

By the way, anyone have suggestions on what I should make icons of next? This batch was pretty much dead and uninspired, and I don't want the next one to be like that, haha. -_o;;

[10] Gackt
[02] X/1999
[01] Chobits
[01] Rurouni Kenshin
[01] Dong Bang Shin Ki
[02] Inuyasha
[08] DN Angel


That night, I saw the color of overflowing tears...Collapse )

Pluggage: aidashi
An mp3 rotation of evilweegee and tiringil!
34 happy daysSHINE

v_v [23 Jan 2005|03:04pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Hey guys. Sorry I've been gone for so long. Gosh. Life has been kind of busy right now, but I feel bad neglecting my icon journal. >_<

I want to get this back up ASAP, so I'm hoping for a batch before the month is over.

I wonder how long it's been since I've made an icon, anyway. O_O;


HIATUS. [30 Oct 2004|08:21pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Okay, so guess what. I'm stuck on this computer with 16 colors on it. Yes, it's been this way for 1+ month, and it's really torture. So unless you would like icons comprised of only 16 basic colors (tell me if you do), soybeans is going on hiatus until whenever my computer gets fixed.

Friended by 150. I love you guys! :]

6 happy daysSHINE

+32 [18 Sep 2004|10:04pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF. I swear I'm being possessed by the icon-making demon.

[05] Hero
[03] J-pop
[03] DN Angel
[04] Final Fantasy
[12] Kingdom Hearts
[05] Rurouni Kenshin


Where can you run to escape from yourself?Collapse )
92 happy daysSHINE

+30 [14 Sep 2004|08:24pm]
[ mood | curious ]


[03] Random
[01] Angel Sanctuary
[02] DN Angel
[01] Final Fantasy
[05] FullMetal Alchemist
[12] Inuyasha
[01] Utada Hikaru
[02] Naruto
[03] Ocean's Eleven


We part the veil on our killer sun...Collapse )

Sorry for the total randomness and stuff. Most of the icons are crap, but... oh well. Thought I'd update before my homework pile reaches an impossible height.
38 happy daysSHINE

... [07 Sep 2004|01:45am]
[ mood | creative ]

Eep. Sorry for the lack of updating. I've been back for almost a week, with 27 icons made already. I'll probably wait awhile to post them though. So many icontests and whatnot. :D

Just letting you all know I'm not dead. <3

*random* Go apply for i_elitists! Yay.

5 happy daysSHINE

HIATUS. [17 Jun 2004|06:21pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

How I hate that word.

But, it's necessary, I guess. I'm going on an extended trip (that will be painful and excruciating, to say the least...) and won't be back until September 1st.

Those of you that want to friend me during this time period, go ahead. I'll have internet access where I'm going, just not Photoshop. So, you'll still be added.

I'll miss you all! Thanks for being so supportive.

I love you! <3

15 happy daysSHINE

+24 [31 May 2004|05:27pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Songset this time; featuring Ayashi no Ceres icons with the lyrics from Colors, by Utada Hikaru.


Like it's inviting the matador...Collapse )
40 happy daysSHINE

+15 [23 May 2004|05:24pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Sorry about the lack of icons lately. SOLs, homework, extracurricular activities, procrastination... you know how those things go. Just wanted to squeeze this measly batch in before the weekend is over.

I'm slowly converting back to my old style! :3

[1] Troy
[1] Fruits Basket
[4] Final Fantasy
[9] X/1999


Will you give in to your heart and let it fly?Collapse )
44 happy daysSHINE

+20 [02 May 2004|03:23pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Jumping onto the bandwagon. Uhh, that new style that everyone's doing. This'll probably be the only batch I make like this. Then, back I go to normal-icons-of-evilweegee-land. If you can call them normal.

Haven't made icons in a long time. Think I'm getting rusty.

[01] Cowboy Bebop
[08] Inuyasha
[11] Saiyuki Reload


It's the concept of time that drives us mad...Collapse )
29 happy daysSHINE

+20 [09 Apr 2004|08:29pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Game icons. *insert maniacal laughter* *cough* Yeah. PS2 can do that to you. Some of the KH ones are from the manga. ^^; (The manga ones are all 100x70)

[13] Kingdom Hearts
[07] Final Fantasy


We're only as free as we believe...Collapse )

Anyway, I'm going to start working on the general requests soon. *stares at long list* If I don't come back alive, I blame you all. T_T;
45 happy daysSHINE

General requests [06 Apr 2004|12:44am]
[ mood | amused ]

Here's the post where you can make general requests. This can be a subject, series, character, person, movie, whatever. So just leave your suggestions as comments to this post. You can leave the comments whenever you want and however many you want; I'll be checking this constantly for inspiration.

This post will be linked in the info. ^^

33 happy daysSHINE

+42 [05 Apr 2004|11:57am]
[ mood | amused ]

Many, many icons. And the request. (fammeh, you can leave yours in a reply to this post, if you'd still like me to do it)

[03] Slayers
[01] Demon Diaries
[02] Jrock
[01] Weiss Kreuz
[01] Inuyasha
[02] Naruto
[08] Ayashi no Ceres
[01] Chrno Crusade
[05] Fruits Basket
[04] Lain
[14] Misc.


Here's your one-way ticket to insanity...Collapse )
84 happy daysSHINE

+20 [01 Apr 2004|07:33pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Both requests are done, too. (Blumchen, I made two versions of the icon you requested. Couldn't decide!) Strange obsession with Chrno Crusade lately.

[20] Chrno Crusade


In a world of angels and demons...Collapse )

As of now, I'm also taking requests. Just read the rules in the info and comment here with your request. :)
48 happy daysSHINE

+24 [27 Mar 2004|04:30pm]
[ mood | blank ]

LJ icons, old and new and friends only banners.

[4] Kenshin
[3] Inuyasha
[3] Weiss Kreuz
[7] Naruto
[1] Full Metal Panic
[6] Jrock


Falling into this nothing...Collapse )

Also, I'm taking requests. Please read the rules in the 'request' section (there aren't many...) of the info first. Thanks! ^^
38 happy daysSHINE

+18 [13 Mar 2004|02:42pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Not particularly pleased with this batch, but I figured I should post some icons.

Before we get into the icons, here's a DN Angel wallpaper.

[6] Prince of Tennis
[7] Rurouni Kenshin
[4] DN Angel
[1] .hack//sign


And now you'll never know.Collapse )
53 happy daysSHINE

+16 [07 Mar 2004|04:27pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

First post with icons! ^^

[5] X/1999
[4] Naruto
[7] .hack//sign


Hidden in the shadows...Collapse )
54 happy daysSHINE

o.O [07 Mar 2004|02:51pm]
[ mood | amused ]

First post.

Testing, testing.

2 happy daysSHINE

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