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Game icons. *insert maniacal laughter* *cough* Yeah. PS2 can do that to you. Some of the KH ones are from the manga. ^^; (The manga ones are all 100x70)

[13] Kingdom Hearts
[07] Final Fantasy


We're only as free as we believe...Collapse )

Anyway, I'm going to start working on the general requests soon. *stares at long list* If I don't come back alive, I blame you all. T_T;
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wah me love !

:: took a bunch ::

will def. credit ! ^_^
I'll be taking 3 and 6, if I may ^^ All of these are gorgeous and simply adorable. Bravo to you! And yes, I shall credit you. ^^ *nods*
I took number 11, 12, 13, 8, 3, and 17 !!!
Kingdom Hearts rock... If only there was an active community *Sigh.

Anyway, will comment when used
:D wicked icons.. taking and crediting 6, 8, and 12. Woot. :D
you have beautiful icons <3! will be taking and crediting you for 2,3 & 7, as well as adding you ^^ hope that's ok :)
@__@ #1.
snagged number #15, will give credit keke, you make great icons! keeps up the good work! =)
Took the KH ones, &one Rinoa from the FF8 intro; will credit when used <33
taken cloud, squall and yuna, credit of course, thanks
took #3 and #17
took #12, #13 =D
#8 <~ SO CUTE xD
Snatching 6 and 8. So kawaii. I'll credit.
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